Branding is everything.  It’s also can be one of the most elusive, confusing, and misunderstood concepts in starting or growing a business!  We know, we’ve been there.  When it’s your own business it is almost impossible to step back, evaluate, and formulate your brand.  Outside perspective is vital and will ultimately save you time, money, and increase your business success with the right clients.

Your brand is your promise to you customers of what they can expect from you in your products and services.  It’s the process of defining or refining your focus and showing the world who you are at every touchpoint from you logo and print collateral to your website, tone of voice, fonts, colors, textures, and even the way that you dress and your business culture.   Your brand is a living, breathing thing that needs attention to keep it growing and consistent across all of your business platforms.  That’s where we our expertise comes in.

Think of us as your creative coach, asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter and develop clarity of vision and the confidence to step out and meet the world head on, not just for where your business is now, but for where it is going and your dreams of the future.  Brand development and consulting is for anyone regardless of your business size or market.  Freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, designers, lawyers, photographers, writers, web designers, accountants, videographers, musicians, and individuals, just to name a few!

Join us and together we will discover and define:

  • Who your audience (think DREAM client) is and how to best serve them.
  • Design a brand development plan that meets your budget, time management needs, and business goals.
  • Find the right words to say what you have struggled to communicate.
  • Discover your authentic voice and how to use it.


  • Help you put your powerful and unique ideas into action.
  • Attain consistency and build trust with your dream clients.
  • Learn how to clearly define what you do when people ask.
  • Create a powerful visual representation of what your brand is.
  • Connect your current place in business with your future goals in mind.

Brand Coaching Package

The Brand Coaching Package is perfect for those that are launching a new brand or updating an existing one that can institute their own design elements.

Package includes:

  • Color Palette
  • Texture and Patterns
  • Typography
  • Voice Style
  • Brand Style Guide

Your Brand Style Guide will show you how every aspect of your branding elements should be used to stay true to your brand – your typography, colors, voice style, patterns and textures.  If you get started applying your new brand aspects and need help – just call us!

Investment: $450
Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Brand Identity Package

The Brand Identity Package is perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and freelance business owners looking to launch your current brand or overhaul your existing one.  We’ll work with you one on one to develop a visual identity that captures your business vision and voice in a way that is authentic and makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Package includes:

  • Color Palette
  • Texture and Patterns
  • Typography
  • Voice Style
  • Primary Logo and Secondary Logo Mark
  • Brand Style Guide

Investment: $950
Timeline: 2-4 weeks

Complete Brand Identity Package

The Complete Brand Identity Package adds social media images and basic marketing collateral to the standard package.

Package includes:

  • Color Palette
  • Texture and Patterns
  • Typography
  • Voice Style
  • Primary Logo and Secondary Logo Mark
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead and Envelope Design
  • Cover image for Social Media
  • Brand Style Guide

Investment: $1450
Timeline: 3-5 weeks

These are our average packages and prices may vary depending on your needs.  Want something different?  Contact us below for a custom quote!


All of our branding packages follow the 5 step process below:


Once you have purchased a brand package you will receive a branding questionnaire with questions designed to help us become familiar with you and your business.  You’ll complete a communications analysis profile called the 7 Life Languages™ that clearly explains your unique communication style and way of approaching life.  This enables us to tailor your branding plan not only to your business but also your unique strengths and style. In our first meeting (in person or via Skype) we will explore and clarify exactly what your needs are; timeline, budget, and ultimate brand and business goals.  After the meeting you will receive a customized timeline via email for the complete branding and design process.


Are you ready to fall in love with your business all over again?  In this step you will walk through a series of creative exercises to further understand your brand identity and help clarify your creative goals.  Depending on what we discover in our first meeting this may be anything from exploring brands that you love, creating a Pinterest board of color schemes that inspire you, examples of websites you just can’t stand, vision boards, questionnaires, and other session materials.  Think adult homework but WAY more fun and completely personalized to your unique business.


In this step we’ll take all of the information we have discovered so far to create your brand profile, identify your unique selling proposition by answering the question of who you are to your audience, why that is important, and how they will engage with your brand.  We’ll explore typography, colors, patterns, voice, and archetype and how all of those elements work together to create your brand.  You’ll receive a PDF Brand Style Guide that will explain all aspects of your brand and usage so that there is a cohesive experience across all channels.


If you purchased the complete Brand Identity Package this is where the fun kicks in to high gear!  Here is where you get to start seeing the visual part of your brand come together.  Depending on your package this may be a logo and submark, business cards, stationary and envelopes, social media graphics, brochures, sell sheets, leave behinds, or even a blog or website design!


Once we have finalized all content I will send you a creative package that includes all files and how to incorporate it in your visual branding.  You can install content or I am happy to take care of that if helpful and can assist you in any printing or other materials that may be needed.

* Additional sessions, design, or materials may result in additional costs or turnaround times


10 + 5 =

Excited is an understatement!

Ready to get started on the brand you’ve always dreamed of?  Let’s do it!  Typically you’ll hear back from us within 1 business day.  If it’s the weekend we’re spending quality time with our family, resting, and recharging our creative batteries so we are full of creative strategy to give 100% to our clients during the week.  You’ll hear back on the next business day!

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